Random Thoughts

Who Does That??

I had to make a quick trip into St. Louis last night (well, not all the way into the city, but to the outskirts) and as I was driving up the road I noticed a very pretty truck in front of me that had all these huge antennas all over it.  I was pondering what the antennas might be for as I slow, but surely caught up to him.  As I was getting ready to pass him I saw a sticker on his car that said, “Hamm Radio.”  Cool, I thought.  Kind of a neat hobby.  I was interested to see the person driving because I’ve never seen a Hamm Radio operator before.  Pretty sure it would be a nerdy looking character.  As I passed I glanced in his drivers side window he was every bit as nerdy as I expected him to look, but what really blew my mind is that he had what looked like a users manual propped up on the steering wheel.  He glanced my direction as I passed (I’m surprised he could be bothered to look up from his reading) and I just shook my head at him.  I mean, seriously folks!  I thought texting and driving was bad!!!  I was speechless!  Who reads a manual while driving down a road?  We’re not in Kansas where you can go for hundreds of miles without so much as a turn in the road.  We’re in Missouri where it’s hilly and curvy!  Ridiculous!  I hope his insurance is paidup.

(One Moment In Time will have to wait until tomorrow or Monday.  I just couldn’t wait to tell you about Mr. Hamm.)


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