Everybody Needs A Home

This past weekend Jess over at Don’t Mind The Mess contacted me to ask if I’d be willing to write a guest post for her friend, Jen at Living Life With a Side of Autism, who was looking for a perspective from someone who’d had to make the choice to put a special needs child into a home.  I was honored at the invitation and agreed to write about Jenna.  I have written about her before and have shared her story but that was a long time ago.  To delve into all that again was a touch on the emotional side for me.  Mark had never read what I originally wrote and since that was the logical starting point for the post I was doing for Jen I decided to have him read it.  After not thinking about the trials of that time for so long, it hit him a little harder than I expected and I probably should have warned him what the content was.  Oops. 

I can hardly believe she's 26 already!

Here’s my girl! She’s doing so well. Her caregivers are awesome!  Her roommates are great. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation for Jenna. She has medical staff on hand 24/7.  She seems genuinely happy to be there.

If you’re interested, head on over to Jen’s blog and check out my guest post.   It’ll be up some time today. This was a first for me!  I hope it’s not a huge disappointment.


1 thought on “Everybody Needs A Home”

  1. You should be smacked for even thinking that it would come close to disappointing! *smack* ok, now *hugs*. It was beautiful and eye opening for me, as a mom to only so called “normal” kids, whatever those are. Your family’s strength and love is inspiring, second only to Jenna and her personality, which came across with such clarity in that post. I am so happy you and Mark and all your family can rest easy now knowing she is healthy and happy. Also I saw in other pictures one of her bday gifts was some control top tights I believe? That is classic! EVERY girl needs those. I don’t wear the leg part but I do have a couple pieces of “body armor” and those things are priceless.

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