One Moment In Time

>One Moment In Time-Reuse, Renew, Recylce

>I love creating things.  Whether it’s a new scrapbook, or a piece of clothing, or a piece of furniture.  I love to get an idea in my head and watch it come to fruition.  I also may or may not be a little cheap.  So, what do you do when you like to make things, but are a little cheap?  Well, you find ways to reuse what you’ve already got.

In this addition of One Moment In time, I’m going to show you the various things you can do with an old 1970s waterbed.  Intrigued?  Well, let’s get to it then!

I needed a way to keep the dogs out of the garden.  A plain old fence was going to be boring so I wanted an arbor for my garden entrance.  The top of the arbor is made from old waterbed sides.  Yup.

I built a bar in my downstairs, not taking into consideration that I am tall, so normal size bar stools were not going to work.  Too tall for counter height stools, too short for pub height stools.  So I decided to build some.  Out of…. yup… waterbed sides.  I made six of them; three for each side.  (Side note: that tile on the floor??  I laid it.  By myself.  Cause I’m awesome like that.)

I bought a huge ceramic planter that is a heavy, heavy sonuvabitch.  I looked forever for an end table that would be sturdy enough to hold it once it was full of dirt and plants.  I couldn’t find one so the logical thing would be to make one.  Out of…you guessed it…waterbed sides. 

Sadly, I can’t find a picture of my two sheds.  But, the ramps in front of both sheds were made by yours truly.  And they were made out of the traditional waterbed sides.  Thank god for being a 70s child.  All we had in the house was waterbeds.  Once I finally stepped into a new decade (or century) and got new beds I didn’t want to toss out the waterbed sides.  They’re so sturdy and I knew I could use them for something.  When we bought the second shed Mark goes, “Hey, do you have any waterbed sides left?  Because I need you to build me a ramp.” 

That’s it.  A tour of my recycled stuff.  It’s the story of my house.  And it’s very rewarding and satisfying.


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