Random Thoughts

>To Sum Up….


The holiday weekend was awesome!  Here’s what it mostly consisted of:
Four wheeling!!  Mark & Ann on the front left bike. Ann’s friend on the next bike. Michelle at the back of the lopsided V (that’s my bike).  Jackie and her boyfriend, Ammon at the far right.  Sitting in the lake overflow/waterfall area…my favorite place.

Lot o’ mud!!!!!!  I have to laugh because when I look at pictures, it just doesn’t do justice to the amount of mud that we’re covered with.
Maybe this gives a better indication of the mud.  We dodge mud pits like the one Mark is standing by.  Well, some of us dodge them.  Some drive right through them.

Sitting around the campfire.  One of my favorite parts.

Having my kids home was awesome!  This is  my baby. 
It was an awesome weeekend.

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