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>What’s For Dinner?

>Yesterday I was outside taking some pictures of the blue sky because for about five seconds the rain stopped and there was a break in the clouds. As I walked across the yard and headed to the mailbox I felt a little nibbling on my leg. I bent over to swipe off whatever was biting me and it was a Cicada! I think it must have heard what I’ve been doing to its cousins and decided to give me a little paybacks. I couldn’t believe the stupid thing bit me. Normally when an insect bites me I swell up like a balloon, but not with the Cicada, so I should be thankful for that.

At work as I was perusing the internet waiting for the interminably long day to end I came across an article that said the environment was primed for a lot of ticks, mosquitoes and Cicadas this year. Well, no shit, Sherlock! Because I have seen the number of cicadas around. I have been spraying the hell out of them. And yet they increase. It feels almost like cutting the head off the Hydra. The more you chop it off, the more heads grow back. Yup. Entirely the same. Reading on, I found out that there are actually benefits to Cicadas. They are useful. Yeh, useful for eating my garden. Useful for causing temporary deafness. Useful for giving me the heebie jeebies as they dive bomb my hair! But. They are even more useful than for just those things. You can eat them. That’s right. You didn’t misread that. They are edible! You can make kabobs out of them. Grill them. Broil them. Pan fry them. You merely remove their heads, wings, and legs and voila, you’ve got a high protein option for dinner.

Um. Do I need to get the puke bucket out? Because I kinda feel like I do.

The article said that the males are just crunchy so you really don’t want to eat them. But the females are full bodied (sounds like a wine) and have a good texture. It also said that Cicadas in the larval stage are more tender than the adults so get them young. The veal of the insect world. What could be better?

With the Cicadas being in such abundance this year maybe I should be a good little entrepreneur and package them up and make a mint. I’d need to come up with a good marketing campaign and slogan. So I’ve come up with a few tag lines. Tell me what you think.

Cicadas – They’re not just for fishing anymore

Cicadas – When they bite you, bite them back

Cicadas – The other white meat

Cicadas – The new and improved health food

Cicadas – Get ’em before they’re gone

Cicadas – It’s what’s for dinner


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