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>Tired Of The Weather?

>Wait five minutes and it’ll change.  That is the story of Missouri!  It has been a wild spring full of storms. Rain, hail, tornadoes…the whole shebang.  Today was no different.

This was round one moving in.  The clouds were swirling in quite an eerie fashion.  We stood in the doorway at work listening to the tornado sirens going off and watching the clouds swirl around.  When tendrils started dropping out of the sky all around us we decided that it would be advantageous to head to the inner-workings of the building, so we gathered in the conference room.  Our offices are on the basement level of the building so it’s a fairly safe place to be if “the big one” were to hit, so we hung out there and watched the weather on-line.
One of our guys is hilariously goofy and will come up with the most random shit.  On a good day, it’s funny.  Today it was off the wall.  “I wonder what boogers smell like.  I mean, we breathe them every day but what do they smell like?”  Well, I don’t know.  I’m glad you brought it up.  I don’t think I could have gone for another moment without pondering that very thing.

When I got home from work the sky looked like this.  But don’t let it fool you.  Round two is supposed to hit this evening.  After that, it should be over for at least a week.  Fingers crossed.

Behind those trees are some more dark clouds.  The beginnings of round two.  I’m just very happy to see some sunshine!!  For those who are still in the storm’s path, stay safe.  For those who have weathered the storms, congratulations.  For those still cleaning up from the devasting tornadoes, hang in there and know that thousands of people have you in their hearts.
Edited: I had no sooner “published” this than it started pouring down rain again!!!  20 minutes after I took the sunshiny picture!  WTF!

2 thoughts on “>Tired Of The Weather?”

  1. >Me, too. I'm pretty tired of it. My heart is just going out to the folks in Joplin because they've had to try and reclaim their lives while they've been pummeled with storm after storm after storm.

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