>Three mornings each week my friend and I walk in the morning before work.  I’m a lucky girl because I work with someone who is not only my neighbor but also my friend.  We have a lot of similar interests and she keeps life interesting.

This morning we got up at our usual time (5:30) and met just shortly before 6:00 for our walk.  We were doing the normal chit chatting about how cold it was, or how warm it was, or how tired we were.  You know, the only type of conversations that you can think about when you’re up at that hour of the day.  As we were walking along she looked down at her pants and goes, “Hmmm, I don’t remember the knees ever looking like this before.”  We began inspecting the knees of her sweats as we walked along.  We debated if she had them on inside out.  She pulled out the waist band and looked inside and smirked.  “No, but I have them on backwards!”

Perhaps we should take our walk after work!