Wedding 2 - Michael

>Natural Beauty

>I had forgotten how beautiful California is.  I’ve been back to Southern Cali since I moved away from San Diego THREE decades ago!  But I haven’t been to Northern Cali since I was about 14.  We had only one day to do any site seeing and it wasn’t really a full day because of the rehearsal dinner that night.  So I knew that we had to stay relatively close by.  This took Yosemite and Sequouia out of the picture (six hours north to Sequoia National Forest or four hours south to Yosemite).  A little bit too far to go.  San Francisco was going to be the option, but as it got closer they had a cold front move in and San Fran was 20 degrees cooler than Davis and I did not want to be cold.  So we had to resort to finding something in Davis.  Our hotel was pretty much on the campus there and they have a lovely arboretum so we decided that we would just go wander around the city and see what there was to see.  MIL didn’t want to go and explore.  She just wanted to stay in her hotel room and watch TV.  *shrug*

Here’s what she missed:

A woman walking down the path with a Cockatoo on her shoulder.  Where else will you see that?

I’m a little enamored with turtles, even if they’re not of the “sea” variety.

Random pine cone.  This pine tree was different than any I’ve seen before.
Oh my gawd, the Redwoods!!!!  Coastal Redwoods.  Clearly they’re baby Redwoods.  Mark was so impressed with the size of the trees and could hardly believe it when I told him that they are small in the grand scheme of things.

This is a Eucalyptus of some sort.

Glorious time walking around the quaint little college town.  So glad that we had some time to ourselves.  It was a beautiful day, beautiful scenery, and of course my fabulous husband!


3 thoughts on “>Natural Beauty”

  1. >Your random pinecone is from a lebanon cedar, also called a dia d'oro. When the cone ripens, the top pieces fall off and you're left with a cone that looks like a rose bloom! Yes, one of my fave trees! :O)

  2. >Not just the feel, but the smell! Oh my heavens, the smell!!! I kept repeating, "It smells so good here!" I think Mark was pretty sick of that phrase after about an hour. But it smelled like heaven!

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