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>Happy Mother’s Day


I realize that I am a few days early with this wish, but I have already received my Mother’s Day gifts.

Ann came “home” last weekend (not to my house, but she met us at our happy place).  Her presence was an early mother’s day present (well, that and the chocolate!).

Truth be told, I think her real intention of coming out to see me was to play in the mud.

Yup.  THIS mud!  She looks a little maniacal, wouldn’t you say?  I’m not sure where she gets her enthusiasm because I’m so freaking laid back all the time.

But she is HAPPY to be covered in muddy water!

Not to mention PROUD!

Melissa came home also.  More to say goodbye to her dad (who is moving across country this week), but she brought me a gift, too.  She made it for me.  Kinda like being in Kindergarten again or something.  Horrible picture of it, but it says, “Happy mother’s day.”  And “I love you.”  It’s awesome.  And right at this very moment in time it is even awesomer because it’s filled with a Tequila Sunrise!  Scrum-dil-ee-icious!!
I also saw Michelle, but have no pictures of her.  Mostly she just cried because her dad is moving across country and she feels like she’ll never see him again because she doesn’t have the money to travel across the country.  But now…when she comes home…I get her all to myself. 
Happy mother’s day to me!!!!!

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