One Moment In Time

>One Moment In Time-Rock Climbing


Remember the white water rafting?  This was part of that trip.
This was my very first time attempting to climb a rock wall. 

I picked the easiest wall I could find. 

Managed to get all the way to the top.

Made it all the way up and safely back to the ground.

Then I had to try a more difficult wall.  I was amazed how easy it was.

Free fallin’, baby!
Imma have to do that again!!

3 thoughts on “>One Moment In Time-Rock Climbing”

  1. >Haha! I hate to tell you, Allie, but that's mostly my gray coming through. 🙂 Sometimes during the summer I do blonder highlights, but try to keep my color as close to my natural (pre gray) color as possible.

  2. >Ok, so this has nothing to do with rock climbing, but I love the blonde hair. I always think of you with the dark hair (ala the picture on the right of the blog), but the blonde just brightens you right up!

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