One Moment In Time

>One Moment In Time-Cabo

>Before I get going I have to mention that it’s my parents’ anniversary.  Fifty one years!  Holy cow.  That is a long time to be married, isn’t it?  Amazing!

Anyway, my one moment in time today is another adrenaline thing.  When we took Michelle on her graduation from high school cruise we did a tour in the desert of Cabo San Lucas.  It was a ziplining tour, which is one of my favorite things to do, but also included was rock climbing, rappelling, canyon traversing.  It was a blast!  As I’ve said before, I love anything that gets my heart racing.  We were watching Biggest Loser last week and they did this free fall kind of thing off the Needle in Aukland, NZ and I about went nuts.  My husband just laughs at me.  He’s got a few height issues so some of that stuff doesn’t look at all fun to him, but I would totally jump off the talls structure in the Southern Hemisphere without so much as batting an eye.

We had to go across the river on this cable bridge.  I loved it.  Michelle wasn’t quite off the bridge yet when I went over and she was going slow!  I was going foot over foot over foot and just booking across.  I guess it was bouncing because Michelle goes, “MOM!  Stop making the bridge move!!!”  Wah!  So naturally I stopped walking and started bouncing.  *evil grin*  Mean momma, can you even believe I’d do that to my baby?

This is Michelle going from point A to point B.  She liked the ziplining part better than any of the other things that we did.

She went right up the cliff face like a pro.

Of course, so did I!  As a matter of fact, I made it look EASY!!! (LOL, love ya, CareBear!!!)

The guide is laughing because he knew that he was going to spin me before he shoved me for my trip over the canyon.  I’m not a fan of spinning, but it was fun anyway.

This was the Tarzan bridge.  I’ve never been on one of these before and it was pretty sweet!  It was probably the hardest to do.  The cable crossing was easy.  This bridge was not.

Rappelling down the cliff.  100 feet from the top to the canyon floor.

What fun!!!  At this point everyone had the option to do the rappel or to do a zipline across the canyon.  We had criss crossed this canyon a number of times and quite a few of those were on a zip line so I chose to rappel.  Everyone else in my little group of friends chose the zip line except Tony.  We hit the canyon floor, walked across it and then hiked up the other side to meet up with the pansies who zipped instead of rappelled.  PANSIES!!! 

When I start going through old pictures of past cruises it just really gets me wanting to go back.  I haven’t been on a cruise since Michelle’s and that was two years ago!!!  I’m in major withdrawals over here.  Must. Do. This. Again!!


2 thoughts on “>One Moment In Time-Cabo”

  1. >It's FUN!!! I haven't run across anything yet where I think, "Wow, that would totally make me soil myself!" If I ever do, I'll think of you right before I jump. 🙂

  2. >You are one brave lady!I'm afraid I would soil myself.Happy Anniversary to your folks! That is a long time. They should write a manual about how to stay together!

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