One Moment In Time

>One Moment In Time-NC White Water

>You all know that I’m an adrenline junky.  I love the feel of my heart pounding in my throat.  Because of this I choose activities that give me the greatest chance of feeling that.  Zip lining.  Rappelling.  Wave running.  Four wheeling.  White water rafting.

A few years back we went to visit my sister and her family.  They live close to the US white water rafting center so we decided to go there for a spin since the New River was five times as expensive.  We had a great time.    One of the main rules was that we were to hold onto our oars at all time.

See how obedient I am.  Waving to my brother in law while never letting go of the oar.

We were heading down one rapid and the raft got a little bogged down with water.  Out of the raft went my sister and my nephew.

I didn’t realize until I saw this picture how close I was to going out myself (I’m in the very front).

I managed to stop myself before going overboard.  Cause I’m agile like that!

My nephew swears I shoved him in to save myself.  I’m pretty sure that’s false!

Um.  Pretty sure.

While you may think that I’m just relaxing and letting my nephew figure out how to get back in the raft, you’d be wrong.  I was just catching my balance and trying to stop laughing.

The way you get them back into the boat is to grab the front of their life jacket and heave them up into the raft.

Fortunately, I’m not a wimp.

Then it was Mark’s turn to heave my sister back into the raft.




We really had a lot of fun, which is no surprise because my sister is a hoot!  We always have a great time when we get together.  I’m looking so forward to seeing her in July for our family reunion. 

Doesn’t that look like fun??  If you’ve never tried white water rafting before, you really should!  It was just as much fun at a man-made center as it was in Colorad on a real river.  Only the scenery wasn’t as good.


2 thoughts on “>One Moment In Time-NC White Water”

  1. >That's an awesome story, Geege! Nice friend, huh? 🙂 I loved the white water! Can't wait to go again this summer (hopefully). Of course, in the whole two times I've been I've never been tossed out of the raft. (Knock on wood)

  2. >I went rafting on the Ottawa River here in Canada. I was a little apprehensive but my friend was a guide and he convinced me that it was going to be a blast. We set off for a weekend of rafting with my friend, his sister and his soon to be wife. Another couple we didn't know and their mom joined our boat once we got there for a 6 person boat. I had broken my foot 3 weeks before and had just gotten the ok to go without my air cast, so I figured I'd be ok as long as I was careful. My friend, knowing how scared I was told me the safest place to sit was the front of the boat…of course he was lying. Who gets thrown out first? The front of the bloody boat! Who helped make that happen on the first rapid? Yeah…my so called friend who was supposed to be guiding us down the river. Jerk.All in all I'm glad I did it so I could say I've been rafting, but I'm satisfied to never go again!

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