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>Friends In Low Places

>What a great weekend. We headed down south for a long weekend with T & W. They have a condo and for a bit we weren’t sure whether we could get into it. It’s the peak season so they can only get time if there is availability. We didn’t find out until Thursday around 2pm that there was going to a unit for us for THAT NIGHT! Nothing like last minute plans. Do you know how that screws with my planning nazi brain?
Here is Mark. I think he’s so used to me always wanting to take pictures that he automatically poses next to nearly all inanimate objects. That’s true love right there!

Here’s the motley crew that I hang out with. T (in the Captain Morgan pose) and W sitting next to Mark. As is typical during a weekend with T & W there was a little drama. W has a fairly short fuse with T and is very hypersensitive to any comment that he makes. So it was touch and go for a minute, but we managed to salvage our weekend.

The fountain here is mesmerizing for me. It is very similar to the fountain at the Bellagio in Vegas and “dances” to the music playing. It sits right along the banks of the Taneycomo Lake. I could sit and watch it forever. I guess that goes without saying since you all know how I feel about water.

Speaking of water…This is Bull Shoals lake and it is fabulous! It is so beautiful. T was nice enough to endulge me and my love for scenic views so he pulled off the road so I could snap some shots. The pictures never do it justice, but I feel in love with this lake. For as long as I’ve lived in Missouri, I’ve never been to this particular lake and I’m glad we went.

Me and my man overlooking Bull Shoals. It was a great day.
On our way home we stopped by my father in law’s condo and he was kind enough to take us out on the boat. We tooled on down to Ha Ha Tonka State Park and got out of the boat and just hung in the water. I swam a few laps around the boat for a bit of exercise and my arms are stiff right now. After two months of doing nothing but sit on my ass, I’m afraid it’s going to take a bit to get my old body limbered back up. Definitely time to get busy! (Minds out of the gutter…not that busy.)

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