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>First off, Happy Independence Day!!! And God bless the USA!

Next, as promised, more pictures from the Day of the Turtles!

So, Wednesday we were going to go to Miami area for some activities. As we were talking about what would be happening, it occured to me that the only part of it that Mark and I were interested in would be dinner in Key Biscayne. It didn’t make a lick of sense to drive all the way down there (more than 80 miles) to go out to dinner. So we decided to stay in Singer Island while Sis2’s family headed south. We spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what we wanted to do. I pulled up activities for the area on the internet and there wasn’t a whole lot going on, so I suggested the lighthouse in Jupiter. Mark kind of hemmed around about it and said he’d go if I wanted to. Well, I didn’t want to go unless he actually had a little bit of interest in seeing the lighthouse. So we hung out at the beach by the hotel and found that the resort was hosting a sand volleyball tournament. Mark went down to play for a while then we were going to to go this place called the Crab House for dinner. The Crab House was in Jupiter. As we were heading into the restaurant there were these two old women heading out. Mark asked how the food was and they were just, “Meh…it’s alright.” We shrugged and figured what the hell…we’d go anyway. The place was pretty cool and we thought that if nothing else, it was a nice building and it sat right on the water…the shores of the Loxahachee (sp?) river. We asked for a table outside by the river and were sitting there visiting when Mark notices, guess what? A lighthouse on the other side of the river. He goes, “Hey…check out the lighthouse. That looks kind of cool.” Seriously?? As we ate he kept looking over at it and finally said, “I think I’d like to go tour it.” I just laughed. So on Thursday Sis2 was going to go snorkeling in the morning and Mark had no interest in doing that so we decided to go back into Jupiter to tour the lighthouse.

It is a very cool lighthouse. The museum on the lighthouse grounds played a video about how the lighthouse came to be, who ran it, the problems they had with it during the Civil War…very interesting. In case you’re interested: http://www.lrhs.org/

At the foot of the lighthouse is this Banion Tree. I think they are the most spectacular trees that you can find. It’s amazing to me the way that they grow. This particular tree had two more main trunks with it, but it was too big to get fully into the camera field of view, so you are seeing about 2/3 of the tree. Amazing.

My husband. He humors me every time I have my camera out. He’s such a good guy!

He also humors me and will get some pictures of me so that there’s proof I actually go on these vacations.
This is the view from the top of the lighthouse overlooking the Loxahachee River.The water was so incredibly beautiful. The building by the dock on the other side of the river is the Crab House where we had eaten dinner the night before (oh…I should say that the food was fabulous!).I was glad that we went out to see the lighthouse, and I think Mark was, too.

On Friday we checked out of the resort at 10am and had all day to kill time before we had to get on the plane at 5:30. Turns out the plane was delayed by an hour and a half so we spent half the day in the airport at West Palm Beach. To me that was preferable to having the four hour layover in Atlanta. WPB is much more laid back than Atlanta. To kill time we went to this place called Lion Country Safari. (I loaded the pictures into a “small” format since it’s just a lot of pictures of animals.) It was a drive through zoo and had “natural habitats” for the animals of Africa. It was reasonably cool. Pretty low scale when you compare it to the San Diego Zoo’s safari area, but it gave us something to do so I won’t complain.Now we’re home and sleep deprived. It was a stressful day, but with a little sleep all will be well. Now that vacation is over and I’m on the mend from surgery I have no idea what to talk about. Do you believe me?


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