>So, the kids were home this past week. I already told you that. We had a fabulous, fabulous time! I love it when they come home. Since I’ve already talked about our week, I’m just posting a couple pictures. I was chastized for not posting them sooner. Oops. Oh well. It is not the first time that I’ve been chastized for something.

Michelle, Ann, Melissa, Jackie

They had a ton of fun on the four wheelers. Got a wee bit muddy.

Melissa & Jackie
Anyone who knows Melissa will not be surprised that she has the biggest mouth in the family. My favorite exclamation from Jackie was, “Her jaw unhinged like a snake!!!” She thought that was cheating. Jackie has ALWAYS won the biggest mouth contest.

Michelle, Ann, Melissa, Jackie
Yup! More dirty pictures. That’s what I’m all about! The dirtier, the better!

Ann, Jackie, Melissa
I wish Michelle could have come up to the City when we got Jackie and Melissa from the airport.