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A Little Look Back

>Taken from the kids’ journal dated October 11, 1991:

Ann saw this journal today and wanted to read it. So we read through the whole thing. Now she wants to write in it so I’ll give the pen to her. She’s in 1st grade right now.

Jackie is really fun to play with and so is Melissa. Michelle is really, really fun to play with. My dad and mom are really fun. My mom works in the night and my dad works in the day. We have our Halloween decorations up. Today at my friend Candice’s we played school. Today my mom bought lunch at Burger King. Today I am going to sleep over at my friend Pam’s. My mom is packing for when we move. I hope that when Jackie grows up she can read. I guess that is all I want to say.

P.S. I also hope that Melissa can read, too.

Just so you all know…Jackie and Melissa can BOTH read!


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