>Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do Something


Do you know what this is? This is one of my four blueberry plants that I put in last Spring.

Do you know what this means? Do you KNOW. WHAT. THIS. MEANS???????

Well, it means that Spring is peeking around the corner, but, first and foremost, it means that I didn’t KILL the blueberries that I planted last year. Do you see the cute little buds on the plant? Within the next few weeks those buds will be SOMETHING!!! It will not just be a bare branch with little nubbins. It will be something! Something that I took care of and grew. All by myself! I MADE this. Well, technically, I didn’t make it. God made it. But I was able to keep it alive for one full year!!! I realize this doesn’t seem like a lot to get excited about because I’ve grown a garden for years and years and years and have been very successful at it. However, everyone I spoke with said that I could not grow blueberries. They are fussy. They are particular. They take a very specific kind of soil. The kind of soil that doesn’t grow naturally where I have my garden. They said I was crazy. OK, I’ll give them that, but still…I did NOT kill my blueberries!
So, my blueberries are budding. My strawberries’ leaves are turning green. As a matter of fact, my strawberries want to grow so badly that one rogue strawberry plant found its way to the walkway of my garden…left its bed and decided to grow in the walkway. I’m so sorry little strawberry. There is no reward for being bold and independent. All good little strawberries will stay within the confines of the strawberry beds, otherwise you are a weed and will get plucked and tossed. That’s the rules. Don’t mess with me, little rogue strawberry!
Oh, sorry. I got off track a little.
Yes, my blueberries are budding. It can sometimes get frustrating because I do tend to kill things. Before you get all up and judgy on me, let me explain. I love houseplants and used to be good at growing them. Used to be. I believe there is a law in the universe that you’re allowed to either be good at house plants, or good at garden plants. Not both. Outside or inside. Take your pick! I pick outside. Huge surprise, I know. And I am VERY good at it. Imagine my surprise when there were so many people that told me I couldn’t grow blueberries. The thought was completely absurd! Of course I can grow blueberries. They are outside plants. I have already picked outside plants to be my forte, so of course I can grow blueberries. However, because so many people said it was impossible, there has been that twinge of concern in the very dark recesses of my brain. Nobody dares venture inside the dark recesses of my brain. Nobody. It’s a scary place. That’s where Doubt and Insecurity live. *shudder*
As fall approached and the leaves began to fall off my blueberry plants I told myself that this was a normal cycle. There was nothing wrong. As I looked at the dry, dead sticks protruding from the frozen earth during the long, cold winter months I told myself this was normal. There was nothing wrong. They would live again. As the ground began to thaw and I still saw the dry, dead sticks I tried to tell myself that this was normal. But the dark recesses of my brain began to manifest itself. Damn you, Doubt and Insecurity! Damn you! I’ve killed my blueberries. They (whoever “they” are) were right! I can’t grow blueberries! I can’t do it. But look!! You see the picture! You see the buds! Ah, sweet vindication! I didn’t kill them. I was right all along. They went through their cyclical process and now they are budding. BU-DDING!!!!! And that makes me happy! Well, until Mother Nature sends us one of those typical Missouri Spring FROSTS that will kill my blueberries!!
But for now, I did it! DON’T TELL ME I CAN’T DO SOMETHING!!! Just don’t do it!

2 thoughts on “>Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do Something

  1. >Well, I think that it means your thumbs aren't green. Which means they must be brown. Brown thumbs?? I've never heard of that. So, the bottom line is, you're a trend setter! How does that make you feel? Josey, the trend setter!

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