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>Princess Weekend, Misc Pics

>The girls were having a contest to see who could shoot themselves out of the slide the furthest. This was Ann’s first trip down the slide.

It was pretty funny because one of the worker bees at the condo came out and said to Sis4 that they had a weight limit on the slides and that you couldn’t go down them if you were over 100 pounds. Maybe Sis4 was offended that someone thought she was over 100 pounds. She’s 5’10” so 100 pounds would make her look totally anorexic.

This is probably my favorite picture. Briquelle isn’t quite so adventurous as the other girls andn always went down the slide in a sitting up position. So, seeing this picture tickled me pink.

Kali is afraid of NOTHING! She will do whatever the big girls (a.k.a Sis4 and Ann) will do. She’s fearless and very, very agile. Funny, funny girls!

The cute, cute, CUTE cousins!!!! I laughed so hard because Brianna can barely see over the rail, and Ann had to bend down so far to get on the same level as the other girls that her butt was hanging out for someone to walk by and slap.

The cousins again. Aren’t they a good looking bunch? Ann and Madison in red. Kali and Briquelle in white. Brianna in black.

Of course, how could the cousins not be cute…look at the moms! 🙂 Too much fun!!


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