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>Counting Down The Days!

>Everyone who knows me knows that I do not deal well with the cold. I’m tired of the winter. I’m ready for warm days. I know that Spring is coming but it’s still too far away. However, I am one week away from heading down south for a few days of fun in the Florida sun! Hopefully, there will be sun. And do you know what is even more exciting than going to Florida? The REASON I am going to Florida! Girls’ Weekend!!!! Whoo Hoo! One week from tomorrow and I’ll be leavin’ on a jetplane. 🙂

Girls’ Weekend! A whole weekend to spend with my four sisters and a handful of nieces, plus my oldest daughter. This isn’t our first girls’ weekend, but it is the first one that I’ve been able to attend. The past two I missed because Jenna was still living at home and it was impossible to leave her. So, my very first girls’ weekend is something I couldn’t pass up.

It all started when Sis2 sent an email saying that her and her daughter were signing up to run in the Disney Princess 5K at the Epcot Center. She invited all of us to come down and make a long weekend out of it. I jumped at the chance even though I knew I was going to have to get into some sort of race shape. I was already able to WALK a 5K within the time limit specified by the rules of the race (16 minute mile), so that wasn’t a worry, but I really want to be able to run the race instead of walk it. I don’t know if that will happen, but I’m going to give it a shot. That, however, is all secondary to being able to see my sisters.

I have the most fabulous sisters. As with all siblings, we have a lot of similarities and a lot of differences. I have learned so much over the years from my sisters.

Sis1 is the most patient person on the face of the earth. She has overcome some severely overwhelming odds in her life by getting herself and kids out of a very abusive relationship, after which she put herself through nursing school. Her perseverence and resolve in the face of adversity has been very inspiring to me and she taught me that no matter hard things get you can always get through it with grace and dignity, and with your compassion still in tact. Amazing, amazing woman!!

Sis2 is my happy drug! She is so funny. She keeps me laughing whenever she is around. We can spend hours on the phone talking about everything and anything. She’s smart and beautiful as well and gets me thinking. We have had some very serious, deep conversations when it’s just been the two of us and she is so well spoken and thinks through everything so thoroughly that it makes me take pause and formulate how I really feel on whatever subject we happen to be discussing. She always sees the sunny side of life. She is a practical jokester. And she makes everyone around her feel good.

Sis3 is the strong sister. She is physically strong and never ceases to amaze me in the things that she can do. She was with me the first time I went rock climbing and to watch her ascend the cliff face was really something. Not only is she physically strong, but she is strong in her beliefs, her emotions and her opinions. She is my sister that can always count on telling me exactly what she thinks. She is unwaivering in her beliefs. She, is a fantastic mother and fiercely devoted to her children…a very valuable attribute.

Sis4 is a lot like me. We both make snap judgments about situations. We speak our mind about it. We make our peace with it. We move on from it. And we get over it. She is loyal like no one else I know. Without a doubt, she would have my back in a heartbeat, no matter the situation. We have had our struggles in the past and moved forward from those struggles which has given us a stronger bond than one can imagine. She is the baby in our family, number 10 out of 10 kids, and because of that, family is ultra important to her. She would do anything in her power to keep our family together. Loyal to the end.

Anyone who really knows my sisters, knows why I am so excited to see them next week. We will get to be silly. We will get to be girly. We will get to run in this silly race. And we will get to reconnect with each other. OOH…and we get to go see the Manatees!!!

There is still so much to do to finish getting ready to go. I have some finishing touches to put on our race costumes. (Yes, I said costumes…it’s a princess race. You can’t run a princess race unless you are dressed like a princess of some sort, and Ann and I will be some sort of princess!!!) I’ve got to get pre-emergent on my lawn. I’ve got to get preen down on my garden walkways. I’ve GOT to get my house cleaned!! I keep putting the important things off to go play, so I have to buckle down this week and get busy. Playing is just so much more fun!! Ah, the joys of having to be a responsible adult. So, while I’m counting down the days before I leave, I’ll be doing chores. I’ll just have to whistle while I work.


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